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The term "infusion" or “infusion therapy” includes the administration of medications directly into the blood vessel of an individual. This process is additionally referred to as intravenous or IV therapy. Infusion, intravenous, or injectable medication delivery methods are generally used if pill/oral medications are unavailable, inappropriate, or insufficient. Many of the newest medications are biologic (made or derived from living cells), which cannot be ingested orally, like a pill, as they will not remain effective after exposure to the gastrointestinal system. Biologic medications are commonly prescribed to address IBD (inflammatory bowel diseases), including Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and other autoimmune disorders. For more information on receiving infusion therapy in Washington, request a consultation at a Washington Gastroenterology location near you.

Washington Gastroenterology infusion centers facilitate comprehensive GI care in collaboration with your provider. Our locations feature specialized gastroenterology nurses who focus on GI disease management and IV infusion therapy and treatment, providing care alongside onsite specialists to provide you with the best possible care. Our centers all feature outpatient IV infusion therapy and offer flexible scheduling to meet your needs. Moreover, Washington Gastroenterology is committed to the greatest standard of patient experience, safety, and quality at all of our IV infusion centers.

The medications listed below can be administered to patients via intravenous infusion therapy:

  • Iron products
  • Infliximab biosimilars – INFLECTRA®, RENFLEXIS®, AVSOLA®

Follow the tips below to prepare for your IV infusion therapy at our Washington center:

  • Wear clothing with layers
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Consume plenty of water
  • Some individuals may require premedication
  • Bring a list of current medications

To learn more about what to expect during your appointment, please review infusion therapy with your Washington Gastroenterology provider.

If you or a loved one have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, or any other condition that requires you to receive medication intravenously, you can rely on the team at Washington Gastroenterology to provide you with the highest level of patient-focused care. Our gastroenterologists specialize in digestive health disorders and the treatments needed to address such concerns, like intravenous infusion therapy. Contact a Washington Gastroenterology location near you to learn more about our infusion therapy suites in Washington and the amenities provided.

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Thank you for your professionalism. The process was all carefully implemented step by step up to the time I woke up from sedition. Dr Philo explained everything I needed to know Keep up the good work.

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I did not choose to go to this clinic, but was referred here. When I tried to reschedule my appointment due to the doctor's illness, the earliest telehealth opening was two months from now in June. While Dr. Doherty is a good doctor, I was disappointed by his lack of communication through the portal, after lab results, and with follow-up questions and arriving late. It appears to be a result of poor communication within the clinic's system. This needs to be addressed.

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The personnel are very pleasant.

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This has been the third time I've used your facility and I have felt very comfortable each time. Confidence in your knowledge and skill.. nice staff okay

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Couldn’t have been better. From the receptionist to the Doctor, everyone was kind and very considerate. I was totally at ease.

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