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The Test

The Hydrogen Breath Test is performed by collecting breath samples to test for the presence of hydrogen. This test is conducted in the clinic, and no sedation is given. An initial breath sample is taken and tested. Following that, you will be given a solution of Lactulose or Glucose to drink, after which breath samples will be taken for the next 15-20 minutes. The procedure can take up to three (3) hours. During the test, you are not permitted to eat, drink, smoke, sleep or exercise.

Before Your Appointment

In the 24 hours prior to the test, you will be on a limited diet of plain white rice, baked/broiled chicken, turkey or fish, eggs, clear broth, water and non-flavored coffee and tea. Only salt and pepper may be used to season food. Twelve (12) hours before the test, you will begin fasting - no food, no breath mints or chewing gum, no smoking or exposure to second-hand smoke. If you are diabetic requiring insulin or medication, speak with your primary care physician about adjusting your morning dose.

After Your Appointment

You will be able to resume your regular diet, fluids and medication. The nurse will answer any questions you have before you leave the clinic. You will receive the results of your test on the Patient Portal, or by letter, phone or follow up visit.

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Excellent care. Easy to schedule, lots of time spent explaining the procedure. Everyone was so nice and caring.

L.M. Google

Great staff Michelle Hendrix is excellent—knowledgeable, kind and professional.

L.N. Google

Staff was professional and the environment was full of joy and some jokes ( the nurses who spoke to me in the beginning). Each part of the team explained every part of the process. Asked if I had any questions during each step. Dr. Tan spoke to me about my previous procedure results. After this current procedure he explained the results and biopsy sent to the lab for results. Paul had a challenging time to get my veins to pop up but he persisted and got it the first time- a real pro. The anesthesiologist explained the medication she was using. Asked me several questions and asked me if I had any questions. She warned me about a slight burning sensation and boom I was out. I recommended this office to triwest and told them you all rock.

D.W. Google

The staff always prompt to answer questions, They’re gentle and the environment is pleasant. And I Highly Recommend it….

N.A. Google

Great staff.

D.V. Google


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