Why Screen, Part 2.

When we asked our patients why they come to Washington Gastroenterology to have their colon cancer screening procedure, we got a variety of responses. Some were heartwarming personal stories, some were about heartbreaking loss; each and every response reinforced our mission of improving the quality of life and longevity of our patients and our communities. Here is what a few folks had to say:

  • "I turned 50! And my mom's side has a history, so [it] made this a priority!"
  • "After a good friend died at a young age of colo-rectal cancer, I am diligent about screening."
  • "My brother had colon cancer. They were able to cure him."
  • "My daughter is a pain in the butt." (we see what you did there!)
  • "Got sober to better my health. This is one more step."
  • "My mother died at 58 years old of colon cancer. I promised her I would get regular checkups. This is my 7th since I was 50 years old."
  • "Turned 50 and my primary said today needed to happen. Younger sister has polyps. Besides had to go first before husband (he is scared :))."

Seriously, whether you have to do it to show a loved one that it's not "that bad", or you have a family history, please get screened when it is appropriate for you. Colorectal cancer is the nation's third leading cause of cancer death, and it doesn't have to be.