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Diverticulosis is a problem where tiny pouches of the colon push outward through the outer lining of the intestines. Although the pockets, termed diverticula, could occur anywhere in the colon, they are generally seen on the left portion, referred to as the descending and sigmoid colon. This is typically a mild issue and does not always lead to symptoms. Diverticulosis and diverticulitis alike are considered diverticular diseases. Diverticulitis is the condition when these little pockets become diseased or inflamed. Patients have to get diverticulosis before getting diverticulitis. If you have diverticulosis, you need to be seen by a gastroenterologist to avoid diverticulitis. We encourage you to contact Washington Gastroenterology today to request an appointment. Our digestive health providers proudly offer customized care for diverticulosis and diverticulitis in Washington.

Scientists are still unaware of the exact cause of diverticulosis. The main consensus is that the pouches come through the outside wall when irregular stress in the large intestine is applied, whether from muscle spasms or trying to push out stool. There also seems to be a strong correlation with a family health history, demonstrating that genes could place a person at a heightened risk for diverticulosis. Being older is the primary risk factor for diverticulosis. This condition can affect men and women alike. Starting in your 40s, the risk of experiencing diverticulosis increases approximately every decade. Roughly 50% of individuals aged 60 – 80 experience diverticulosis, and a large number of those older than 80 experience the condition.

Often, a person will not notice warning signs of diverticulosis. If someone does experience symptoms of diverticulosis, those signs might involve the following:

  • Bloated stomach
  • Abdominal pain as well as cramps
  • Loose stools
  • Trouble having a bowel movement

When you have any troubling symptoms connected to your GI system like those above, reach out to Washington Gastroenterology to connect with a gastrointestinal provider in your community.

The first goal of care for diverticulosis is to prevent the bulges from becoming infected or swollen. The skilled specialists at Washington Gastroenterology will determine the ideal intervention to benefit your condition. Some possible treatments are:

  • High-fiber diet
  • Probiotics
  • Fiber supplements

Recommended ways to keep from getting diverticular diseases include:

  • Stay away from beef and foods high in fat
  • If overweight, lose weight
  • Quit smoking or avoid becoming a smoker
  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin
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For those suffering from diverticulosis and looking to prevent the serious complexity of diverticulitis, it is essential to consult a GI expert to help manage your condition. You can search for a Washington digestive health specialist through our board-certified team of gastrointestinal providers at Washington Gastroenterology. If you have signs of a digestive illness or want treatment for diverticulosis in Washington, reach out to us now and request an appointment with a board-certified gastrointestinal provider in your community so we can help you sustain your ideal health.

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