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The insertion of a feeding tube, or percutaneous endoscopic gastronomy (PEG), is the procedure during which a tube is introduced directly into one's stomach. This tube provides a way for nutrition, fluids, and medication to enter the stomach without needing to go through the mouth or esophagus. This treatment might be particularly beneficial if a patient has difficulty swallowing or another obstacle with the oral consumption of proper nutrition. If you have additional questions or concerns relating to feeding tube insertion in Washington, it is important to contact an expert GI specialist. Please request a consultation at Washington Gastroenterology to further explore this procedure.

PEG or feeding tube insertion is often used for individuals who are unable to consume sufficient nutrition orally, such as those who may have difficulty swallowing. In some cases, a person may only require a feeding tube for a limited time, while others will require a feeding tube for the remainder of their lifetime. The length of dependence on a feeding tube depends on the condition's cause. The tube will need to be replaced regularly to avoid deterioration or clogging. Depending on the reason for the feeding tube placement, you may or may not be allowed to intake liquids or foods by mouth. If the tube is required due to difficulty swallowing, for example, following a stroke, you will likely have restrictions on your oral intake. Some people receiving a feeding tube continue to be permitted to eat or drink following the insertion. It is essential to make these determinations with your Washington Gastroenterology GI specialist.

Although a feeding tube insertion (PEG) is a commonly performed procedure, like all medical procedures, some complications can occur. Some dangers inherent in feeding tube insertion include discomfort near the tube's entry point, dislodgment of the tube, and bleeding. Talk with your gastroenterologist regarding any concerns you may have or any risks that might be heightened for you. Discussing the benefits and risks of this procedure with your Washington gastroenterologist in advance of the feeding tube placement is vital.

Feeding tube insertion could facilitate the passage of nutrition into the body when eating food orally is difficult. If you or a loved one require a feeding tube, you can inquire with an expert gastrointestinal specialist by contacting Washington Gastroenterology. As a physician-led group of GI experts, Washington Gastroenterology aims to give patient-centric care that exceeds expectations. Reach out to one of our experienced gastroenterology providers in your community if you have additional questions about feeding tube insertion in Washington or any alternate methods for getting assistance with gastrointestinal issues.

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