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Nausea is generally defined as a queasy feeling in the abdominal area. This is the feeling that causes you to think you could vomit. Nausea is a frequent indicator of various conditions. Nausea may occur from an existing problem, a foodborne illness, or could result from viruses or bacterial infections.

The gastroenterologists at Washington Gastroenterology can work with you to manage your nausea problem. You deserve to enjoy a life where all your GI problems are addressed. Let our GI specialists in Washington help improve your health and wellness.


When dealing with nausea, it is crucial to detect the root cause. A comprehensive examination and a blood panel are generally performed as the initial steps in discovering why you are dealing with nausea. More diagnostic tests and treatments may be needed. To get more details about how our team can serve you, request an appointment at your local Washington Gastroenterology today.

If your nausea has continued for more than 24 hours, it is important to request a consultation to diagnose the underlying cause of the problem. Receiving treatment to alleviate nausea shouldn’t be difficult. Whenever you come for an appointment with our Washington gastrointestinal providers, we will ensure that your visit to our practice goes smoothly. Get in touch with our staff to hear more about how our team can assist you.

When your nausea has become too difficult to manage on your own, contact our staff of elite gastrointestinal specialists at Washington Gastroenterology. They commonly treat nausea in Washington patients and have the training and expertise needed to help you to get back to an improved quality of life. Request a consultation today to begin.

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Dr. Jain has been my physician for my procedures ever since I had to have them. Her manner is wonderful she is thorough and kind. Thanks, Dr. Jean and your whole team.♥️

D.S. Google

I have always found you to be very kind and respectful when you have treated me. You have also taken your time when speaking to me and have always listened to my issues and concerns. I can't thank you enough for your great care for me and my mother! It's been a pleasure knowing you!

S.A. Google

Best GI Doctor In WA State. Known him and going to him for all my needs for over 30 Years.

B. Google

Dr. Holderman has treated our family with exceptional care for 15 years. He takes time to listen and advise in a thoughtful and respectful manner. We appreciate is kind and personable treatment.

L.T. Google

I have had several colonoscopies at other facilities and dread them, because I get very sick and vomit afterwards. My experience was very different at wagi last week. The prep kit that was sent to me about 2 weeks prior to my appointment thoughtfully included a packet of jello and packets of broth, not just the required prep and instructions. I received reminders as the day approached to keep me on track. My visit was seamless from the time I walked in right up to the time I walked out. The team working with me were exceptional, going over my concerns and history. The placement of the i.v. was virtually painless ( Not so at other facilities) In the procedure room I had the treat of seeing the team in action, however brief as the anesthesia kicked in quickly. They were like a well maintained pocket watch with the gears moving smoothly, seamlessly getting me in position, placing the BP cuff on my wrist, the O2 sensor on my finger, then the anesthesia being administered and I remember nothing after that until I was awakened. Even the help I received getting dressed to leave was with great care. To my relief, I felt Great. I did Not get sick and NO vomiting. First time ever! I was able to enjoy the remainder of my day. What a relief to feel good instead of miserable I do have a recommendation regarding the consumption of the prep. I followed directions exactly 8 Oz glass every 5-10 minutes and got really bloated, nausea and vomiting a couple hours after completing the night before half bottle. I have never gotten sick before. The next morning I had no problem as I drank the remaining half at 10 -15 minutes. My one suggestion would be to change the instructions to say drink one 8oz. glass every 15 minutes

S.S. Google


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