When Should You Consult a GI Specialist for Hemorrhoids?


Discussions around hemorrhoids frequently occur during patient visits at Washington Gastroenterology. These enlarged veins, located in the lower rectum or anus, can produce symptoms such as discomfort, itchiness, and occasional rectal bleeding. Failing to address these symptoms can lead to escalating health issues.

As a premier institution in gastrointestinal health, Washington Gastroenterology is committed to educating its patient base. In this article, you'll find expert advice from our network of GI physicians across Washington State on how to manage hemorrhoids and when to seek professional medical care.

What advantages come from understanding the different types of hemorrhoids?

Knowledge is key when you're dealing with a health concern like hemorrhoids. They mainly come in two varieties:

  • Internal hemorrhoids: Found within the rectum, these are generally less painful but tend to bleed.
  • External hemorrhoids: Situated around the anal region, these often produce more pain.

Pinpointing the specific type you're dealing with helps streamline your treatment options.

Do hemorrhoids resolve without medical intervention?

One common question that arises is whether hemorrhoids can dissipate on their own. While some mild cases may recede without active intervention, the majority require a professional evaluation and a structured treatment plan from a GI specialist at any of our Washington locations.

Which symptoms warrant immediate medical attention for hemorrhoids?

If you experience ongoing itchiness, persistent discomfort, or find blood in your stool, it's time for prompt medical consultation. Depending on the diagnosis, treatment options may encompass:

  • Topical treatments like creams
  • Comforting warm baths
  • Diet enhancements to include more fiber
  • Techniques like hemorrhoid banding
  • Surgical solutions for advanced cases

For internal hemorrhoids, a basic dietary adjustment like incorporating more fiber often suffices, but more severe instances may necessitate surgical intervention.

Expert guidance on hemorrhoids in Washington State

Putting off medical consultation can aggravate the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Immediate medical intervention can make a world of difference. If you find yourself facing the symptoms we've outlined, we strongly suggest contacting a Washington Gastroenterology location near you. Our competent team of GI doctors will offer an accurate diagnosis and an individualized treatment plan tailored to your situation. Schedule your appointment today.

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