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Anal bleeding, also known as rectal bleeding, refers to fresh bleeding discharged from your anus. When anal bleeding occurs, it is presumed to be blood that originates from your lower bowel or rectum, even though the anus comprises the bottom portion of the colon. This bleeding is typically bright red but could also be a dark red hue. It can be found in the stool, when wiping with toilet tissue, or in the toilet. Anal bleeding can indicate the presence of various GI issues and should be assessed by a healthcare professional. If you have experienced bleeding from your anus, our gastrointestinal providers at Washington Gastroenterology can help. Our specialist can look into the issue and work to resolve it. Please get in touch with one of our local GI offices in Washington today.

Anal bleeding can occur as a result of several health conditions. If you’ve experienced rectal bleeding and are uncertain of the cause, requesting an appointment to see a gastrointestinal provider is vital. Some common causes of anal bleeding include:

  • Difficulty with bowel movements

  • Hemorrhoids

  • A rectal ulcer (a little cut in the tissue lining of the anus)

  • Intestinal growths

  • Diverticular disease (an out-pouching occurring in the intestine tissue)

  • Hard stools

Our staff commonly sees patients who experience anal bleeding in Washington and can adequately diagnose what is causing the bleeding. Our providers understand how uncomfortable this problem can be, so we will do our best to ensure that treatment is provided as swiftly as possible.

Anal bleeding is often treated in stages, depending on the severity. If you have blood loss caused by conditions such as an anal cut or hemorrhoids, you might be given topical ointments or a suppository. For more serious anal bleeding, you might require IV therapy or donated blood for extreme blood loss. Nonetheless, it is vital to request an appointment with Washington Gastroenterology so that you can find the ideal treatment for you.

Treat rectal bleeding by requesting an appointment at a local Washington practice today. Our skilled staff of GI specialists will provide the solution required to alleviate your gastrointestinal difficulties. Call Washington Gastroenterology now to learn more.

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Doctor Ojeaburu is an excellent physician. He is calm therefore keeping you calm. There were no problems during the procedure. I highly recommend Doctor Ojeaburu!

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I love Michelle she so dedicated, loving, and caring. She has been my specialist for too many years to try to remember and I wouldn't change her for anything.

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With such an uncomfortable procedure the office was pleasant and made me feel comfortable from the point of entering the office to being ready for discharge. I like how the doctor gave me a refresh of what they found last appointment and what to expect with this appointment. Thank you and see you in 10 years!!

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